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About Mystro

We are fueled by passion, and touched by impact

Manage your strategy,
drive your performance.

Some of our clients saw a 80% increase in
corporate strategy and results reporting efficiency.

  • KPI Dashboards

    Technology built around the ease of accessibility to view, customize, and report KPI progress.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Advanced technology and analytics to enable determine root cause of strategy.

  • Predictive Analysis

    ML and AI to derive, forecast and report performance trends.

  • Executive Reporting

    Automated reports to keep the executive team informed of performance against targets.

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Our Process

01Onboarding: Register & Upload Data

The onboarding process is a critical step in understanding
the current state, and utilizing existing data to kick-start Mystro's analytics.

In event that certain prerequisites are required your Mystro
Account Manager will recommend consulting and partner professional services to support with your strategy requirements.

Onboarding: Register & Upload Data
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02Analyze Performance

Mystro's analytics, AI and Machine Learning engines will
explore past and current data to model trends against KPIs, and past performance to generate impactful reports and initiate development of your Mystro dashboard.

03Define Hierarchies

Your input is required when designing your Mystro solution. By providing your Mystro team with details such as hierarchies, KPIs, organization structure, Mystro becomes more capable at unlocking its full potential. Mystro is a solution that must be tailored to reflect the needs of your organization.

Define Hierarchies
Automate Reporting

04Automate Reporting

Mystro's reporting tools are intended for top-leadership and middle management use. The technology enables managers to choose what to know, and when to be alerted. Progress is tracked, and reports are made based on your specific criteria.

  • Executive Dashboard
  • Automated Executive Periodic Reports (Custom Made)
  • Function-based reporting
  • Event-based reporting
  • Trigger-based reporting

Manage your strategy with Mystro

Our software is available in multiple languages including Arabic and English

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Mobile Plan Optimization

Optimize Strategy

Mystro analyzes cross-organization performance
and ensures its in-line with your objectives

Bill Error Detection

Automate Reporting

Digital integrations to report on performance
metrics in real-time